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If you put together the very last letter of the very first letter of the Torah, it makes the Hebrew word Lev, meaning heart. Lev Learning, the heart of Learning, is our Jewish religious school experience. We create an environment for students to be engaged and happy learners. Our curriculum prepares students to respect and love Judaism, its history, traditions, and values. We work with students to understand how these values relate to our current world and their lives. 

Theologian Mordecai Kaplan famously said that a feeling of belonging is the key to being Jewish, more so than how we practice Judaism, and more so than our religious beliefs. At Lev Learning, our goal is to create a school where the feeling of belonging matters – where children know one another and want to return because it is a place of joy, connection, and meaning.

At Makom Solel Lakeside, we believe that Jewish education should be open and accessible for all. The cost for our Lev Learning Sunday and Hebrew Program is included in your Community Commitment. Click here to learn more.

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyar 5784